Discover the 3 minute check-in that instantly identifies your Trading EQ.

In just minutes, you can identify how emotionally charged your trading decisions are, how much you're attached to the outcomes of your trades, and how much self-control you have throughout your trading day. Imagine decreasing your risk, increasing your focus, and trading from a place of neutrality, logic, and power.

When you use The Wall Street Coach’s Trader Check-In you'll instantly identify your emotional and psychological state before jumping into the market. 

This Trader Check-In will provide you the cold hard truth about your ability to trade from a place of confidence and control so you can make better trading decisions and avoid sacrificing your trading account to your emotions. 

This ten question check-in will give you a clear cut overview of how at risk your trading account is, not to mention your own well being. 

Understanding where you are internally will help you manage how you show up externally. 

Not knowing will cost you each and every time. 

Want to reduce your risk? 

Then it’s time to take stock of the internal landscape that informs your trading.


Kim Ann Curtin, The Wall Street Coach, is a completely unique executive & trading coach. She is the author of Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future. Kim combines Wall Street business acumen with emotional intelligence to help her clients transform their careers, their trading and their personal lives.

Certified by the International Coach Federation and The Coaches Training Institute, Kim's work has been profiled in CNN.Money, Fortune Magazine, Smart Money,, Associated Press, among others.

Over the past 15 years Kim has coached top executives and traders from Anchorage Capital, Bank of America, BlackRock, Blackstone, Credit Suisse, EisnerAmper, FINRA, Fortress, GIC, King Street Capital, Morgan Stanley, NBC, Social Leverage, StocksToTrade, and TrueTrader to name a few.

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